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  4. The 8.1.5 patch of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is here and this is all you need to know The battle between Alliance and Horde forces in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth goes ahead. Blizzard is working on patch 8.2, one of the most important that will receive the current expansion of your MMORPG, but until that time comes it is now available to download the patch 8.1.5 of Tides of Vengeance. The update is full of new features that will delight all types of players. Those who devote themselves to simply comply, go to the raids with other players or get involved with other people in the PvP mode, they will find their way with this new patch on which we will tell you everything you need to know about it, that It is not exactly little. All content that can be accessed already Undoubtedly one of the details that stands out is the appearance of the new allied races: the humans of Kul Tiras and the Zandalari trolls. In order to unlock any of them it is necessary to previously meet a series of requirements that can be consulted in the embassy of each faction, either in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. After fulfilling the requirements, which consist of unlocking a series of achievements and maximizing a certain reputation, players will have access to a new chain of missions that, once completed, will allow selecting any of these races when creating a character. In addition, in passing they will deliver an exclusive mount and a transfiguration of dynastic armor as soon as they reach level 110. On the other hand, the campaign of the Horde and the Alliance continues with the new missions that have been added to the existing ones to know more details of this interesting plot. In fact, the leaders of the Horde will begin to question the decisions of Sylvanas, their War Chief, which will cause Baine Bloodhoof to come to Jaina, but what will be the reason? As an incentive to complete the new missions on both sides, the Flank Blood Hook mount will be unlocked in the Horde and the Armored Frostguard in the Alliance. And hunters who are at level 120 will also have the chance to meet Hati again with a new chain of missions dedicated only to them and that they will find in the Trade Winds Market of Boralus or in the Grand Bazaar of Zuldazar. As we said before, the PvP is not left empty-handed either, and the battlefield of Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch have been updated with a completely new face-lift to match the contents of Battle for Azeroth. In turn, Winter Conquest becomes part of the list of epic battlefields to revive this huge confrontation between 40 players.
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  8. Nick اسم الشهرة الخاص بك (كما هو الحال في المنتدى): [JIe [r] uOH] | ~ -RaBeH - ^^ ¤ الوقت الذي لعبت فيه على الخادم: 10819 hot لقطة من نشاطك ( هنا
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  10. Florida has registered a state record of 15,299 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours - around a quarter of all of the United States' daily infections. The state, with just 7% of the US population, surpassed the previous daily record held by California. Florida, which began lifting coronavirus restrictions in May, has proved vulnerable due to tourism and an elderly population. Its figures eclipse the worst daily rates seen in New York in April. Florida also registered an additional 45 deaths. The state would rank fourth in the world for new cases if it were a country, according to a Reuters analysis. More than 40 hospitals in Florida say their intensive care facilities are at full capacity. The latest figures were released a day after Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida reopened, but with safety measures including mask-wearing and widespread use of sanitiser. The caseload in Florida has continued to rise despite Republican Governor Ron DeSantis ordering some bars to close again last month. The top adviser on the White House coronavirus taskforce, Dr Anthony Fauci, had criticised lockdown easing in the state, saying the data on infections did not support the move. Mr DeSantis has also declined to make mask-wearing obligatory.
  11. A 12-year-old boy has been arrested by police investigating racist messages sent to Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha on social media. Zaha revealed he had received several abusive messages on social media before Sunday's trip to Aston Villa, a game they lost 2-0. His manager Roy Hodgson called the abuse "cowardly and despicable". The Premier League called the abuse of the 27-year-old Ivory Coast winger "completely unacceptable". West Midlands Police tweeted Zaha to say they would look into the abuse and hours later confirmed an arrest. "We were alerted to a series of racist messages sent to a footballer today and after looking into them and conducting checks, we have arrested a boy," read a WM Police tweet. "The 12-year-old from Solihull has been taken to custody. Thanks to everyone who raised it. Racism won't be tolerated." Speaking to Sky Sports before the arrest, Hodgson added: "It's been highlighted at the moment anyway with the Black Lives Matter movement and everyone seems to be making such an effort to eradicate this behaviour. "It is very sad that, on the day of a game, a player wakes up to this cowardly and despicable abuse. It's right Wilf has made people aware of it and I don't think this is something you should keep quiet about. "He wants to put off one of our best players from playing well today, but to do it in the way he has chosen is totally inexcusable." The Premier League said: "This behaviour is completely unacceptable and the Premier League stands alongside Wilfried Zaha in opposing this, and discrimination in any form. "We will continue to support players, managers, coaches and their family members who receive serious discriminatory online abuse." Players in England's top flight have been kneeling in support of the Black Lives Matter movement before every match since the season restarted in June.
  12. What is it? The latest, revised version of Mazda’s biggest SUV. It’s the kind of car in which you might not expect to find a petrol engine offered at all – let alone a normally aspirated one, given a market where the vast majority of all combustion engines are now turbocharged. And yet, because Mazda is Mazda, it likes to do things according to its own particular philosophy. So more or less the same 2.0-litre atmospheric Skyactiv-G engine as once powered the MX-5 roadster can be had in the Tiguan-rivalling CX-5. That means you won’t find the firm’s new variable compression-ratio Skyactiv-X petrol motor here, which makes slightly more power and torque for the smaller and lighter Mazda 3 hatchback and the CX-30 crossover than this CX-5 gets. For reasons best known to Mazda, the CX-5 continues with the older petrol lump, although it has gained an active cylinder shutdown system, which delivers an 8% saving on like-for-like WLTP-certified, lab test CO2 emissions. If you do still prefer diesel power in your compact SUV, the CX-5 also comes with Mazda’s 2.2-litre diesel in a choice of 148bhp and 181bhp tunes. The higher-powered diesel is now the only CX-5 available with four-wheel drive, but you can choose between a six-speed manual or automatic transmission with every engine in the range. What's it like? The CX-5 remains a likeable sugared pill of a compact SUV. It's not the most easy-to-drive car of its breed, sure; rather, the sort of SUV you might pick having only reluctantly admitted that you could do with the space and versatility such a car affords, while also being not ready to give up being an interested and involved driver just yet. That’s particularly true if you go for the petrol version, which revs pretty sweetly and needs to be worked fairly hard to make the car accelerate with much urgency; and which, thankfully, has the slick, precise control weights and crisp handling responses to reward the investment of effort. If you like your SUVs torquey and effortless, this probably isn’t the car for you. Likewise, if you bank on beating 50mpg to make your monthly fuel bills add up, it won’t work for you, either. Even with the new cylinder shutdown system, this car returns only 45mpg on a typical motorway cruise. It would probably average something between 35mpg and 40mpg in mixed short- and long-range use. That’s not bad fuel efficiency, mind you, and if you’ve got predominantly short-hop use in mind, it won’t be a lot worse than you’d get from a like-for-like diesel anyway. If you value the relative simplicity associated with owning and running a petrol engine compared with a modern diesel (of not needing to bother with AdBlue top-ups, and not worrying about turbo or particulate trip problems), a real-world 40mpg from a car like this will probably do you nicely.
  13. The opposition Civic Platform (PO) group - which backed Mr Trzaskowski - told Reuters news agency it was collecting information on voting "irregularities" after the polls closed on Sunday, including reports of Poles abroad not receiving their voting packages in time to take part in the election. Analysts believe the close result could lead to court challenges. "I think there will certainly be electoral protests and I think the whole issue will end up in the Supreme Court," Warsaw University political scientist Anna Materska-Sosnowska told AFP news agency. The election had been due to take place in May, when Mr Duda was higher in the polls and stood a better chance of winning in the first round. Although the coronavirus pandemic had not yet peaked, the government was desperate for the May vote to go ahead. It eventually backed down when a junior coalition partner joined the opposition in saying the Law and Justice party was putting politics before public health. What does this mean for Poland and the EU? President Duda's victory means the governing Law and Justice party can now implement its programme unhindered until the next parliamentary elections in three years. The presidential election was the closest since the fall of communism in 1989 but the high turnout means President Duda won a clear mandate. Despite the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the government has pledged to continue its popular welfare scheme that has helped raise many Polish families out of poverty. More controversially, Law and Justice has said it wants to complete its overhaul of the judiciary - a policy criticised by the EU and many other international organisations for undermining the rule of law in Poland. That signals more tension with Brussels. Law and Justice may want to use Mr Duda's victory to pursue greater political control of local government and the private media. But passing legislation to limit foreign ownership of critical private media is difficult under EU rules and risks antagonising Poland's chief ally, the US, as one of the country's most popular broadcasters, TVN, is owned by an American company. Mr Duda's victory shows there is a strong electorate for social conservatism and generous state hand outs. But the closeness of the vote also suggests that many in Poland are uneasy about the government's attempts to introduce a more illiberal democracy.
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