Dedicated category to users who are searching for answers to questions about our community.

In order to eliminate false rumors and increased communication we have created this category which aims to inform members. Do not hesitate to ask questions in connection with the community, servers, hosting offerings, organization and events.


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  • Failure to comply posting Model leads to closing the topic.
  • Make the Title very clear, for example [Problem with posting] or [Server hosting error] or [Can't see signature] etc...
  • Attach an image "picture" only if it's need it.
  • Due to inactivity of the person who requested help, topic will be closed in 2 days!
  • The topic must be only related to this Community [community, servers, hosting offerings, counter-strike [CS:GO], teamspeak, organization, events] etc...
  • Everyone can post the solution for the support, but you must respect Community Rules to avoid warnings, suspend, ban.