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  1. a. Important [sanction: Permanent Ban] 1) Do not treat an 'Administrative Member' with contempt. If you are challenged, please have proof to prove this. Examples: [Audio / Video or control] 2) Insults of any kind are not sanctioned in a private conversation. It is possible to ignore the user in question using the TS3 'Add To Block' function [Right click on the user name, add to block] 3) Advertising, of any type [Nickname / Private / Channel] is strictly forbidden. Exceptions: Servers / Streams / Community affiliated projects. 4) Proxies of any kind are prohibited. Exceptions: You cannot connect. 5) The regulation is valid for everyone. By default, it also applies to 'Administrative Members'. 6) No more than 2-3 identities per IP will be accepted [Exception: You are in an internet room or you live in a house with several] B. General [sanction: Kick / 1-30 minutes] 1) Obscene / offensive or racist nicknames will not be accepted. 2) Pornographic avatars will not be accepted. 3) Offensive / offensive descriptions will not be accepted. 4) The broadcasting of music or certain audio recordings will not be accepted. Exception to the rule when the majority of members present on the channel agree. C. Channel [sanction: Warning / Deletion] 1) The password of a 'PUBLIC' channel is not accepted. 2) In the case of servers, you can use the 'STAFF ONLY' sub-channel for private discussions. 3) Indecent / vulgar language is not accepted in the name / description or topic of the channel. 4) It is not accepted in the description of the channel the posting of certain links that have the nature of finding out the IP of the person who clicks on the respective channel. 5) If the channel has the status of 'SPECIAL', the password of the channel is mandatory. If the password is specified in the channel description, it automatically becomes 'public'. Note: The term 'Private' applies to password channels or conversations in a private window. D. Access / Grade [information section] 1) The existing degree on TS.CSDARKKNIGHT.COM must appear with the existing degree on https://forum.csdarkknight.com 2) Just as on FORUM you can't have 2 main degrees simultaneously, you can't do that on TS.CSDARKKNIGHT.COM either. Exception: Degree made especially for TS.CSDARKKNIGHT.COM or Administrative Member or V.I.P which is assigned a second degree which represents its main responsibility. 3) In case of 'V.I.P' type access, the repeated abuse is sanctioned with removing or eliminating the respective benefit. > [Channel] 'SPECIAL' status refers to channels specially created in the form of a benefit based on a certain degree. Example: V.I.P Channel > [Channel] 'PUBLIC' status refers to channels specially created to have a flow of users. Example: SERVER.CSDARKKNIGHT.COM / Dark Music etc. > [Channel] 'PRIVATE' status refers to channels specially created to benefit 1 or more users. Example: Permanent Channel / STAFF ONLY etc. > [Chat] Private> It is discussed in a private conversation, practically only 2 people can see the conversation. > [Chat] Public> Discussed on a public, voice or written channel. E. Grade List [Server] 1) The degrees ' @Administrators @Global Moderators @Moderators @GFX Desinger @Journalists @Dark Music @Girls @VIP @Manager Cs 1.6 ' are assigned to those who have the same degree at forum level. 2) The degree of ' @Manager Cs 1.6 ' is assigned to the persons who hold at the forum level 'Founder Server or Manager Server'. 3) The degrees '@GFX Desinger @Journalists @Dark Music' are assigned to persons who have an activity in the categories related to the degree. 4) The degree 'Activated' is assigned on request, it gives you the right to write in private or you have set a description / personalized avatar. [is assigned only to those who have no degree.] 5) The degree ' @Girls' is assigned only to 'female' persons who present a vocal proof. [can be allocated as an additional grade] 6) Only one degree is allowed, namely the main one that exists on the forum (EX: If you have "@Manager Cs 1.6 " on the forum, you will also receive it on teamspeak) + a secondary degree if you are involved in that category (EX : Level, Dota, W.O.T, etc.) excluding "Activated" or "Girl". F. Grade List [Channel] 1) The degree of 'Founder on this Channel' can be assigned / revoked by anyone holding the same degree. But the Administrative part will grant only 1 for the beginning. Accesses: All below + ban up to 10 minutes. 2) Attention! The founder has the greatest access and for us, each founder will be treated as a channel owner. 3) The "Admin / Member" Channel Groups are assigned by the 'Founder on this Channel'. Hits: Kick / Prohibition or Censorship. J. Complaints 1) Complaints on the basis will not be accepted without proof or witness. 2) Complaints will not be accepted on the basis. Use the 'Add to Block' function. 3) Complaints based on [Item 3] will not be accepted unless you have NOT been warned before the channel is deleted. 4) Complaints will not be accepted based on "Founder X kicked / banned me from the Z channel". Each Founder / Admin has the right to select users on his channel. 5) Only the Complainant / Reports / DarkKnight Administration are responsible in a complaint. 6) Complaints will be resolved / closed only by those who benefit from the 'TS3 Administrator' degree. Note: For other reasons, complaints are made in this category. Based on the following model: H. General Sanctions 1) Abuse by an 'Administrative Member' proven by a complaint: SUSPEND 3 DAYS 2) Abuse by a 'V.IP' member proven by a verbal / written complaint: 3) Warning 4) Revocation of V.IP degree or Revocation of problematic benefit. 5) The abuse of 'moved' by the 'Founder / Admin' and the subsequent banning is sanctioned with: Remove channel founder or Ban 30 minutes. 6) The abuse of poke is sanctioned with the interdiction to have the afferent degrees. I. Unban 1) Unban applications are made in this category, based on the model: [Add to Block]
  2. New Reputation Ranks Added : 0 - 100 Reputation : Neutral 100 - 200 Reputation : Bronze IV 200 - 300 Reputation : Bronze Bronze III 300 - 400 Reputation : Bronze Bronze II 300 - 400 Reputation : Silver IV 400 - 500 Reputation : Silver III 500 - 600 Reputation : Silver II 600 - 700 Reputation : Gold IV 700 - 800 Reputation : Gold III 800 - 900 Reputation : Gold II 900 - 1000 Reputation : Platinum IV 1000 - 1100 Reputation : Platinum III 1100 - 1200 Reputation : Platinum II 1200 - 1300 Reputation : Diamon IV 1300 - 1400 Reputation : Diamon III 1400 - 1500 Reputation : Diamon II 1500 - 1600 Reputation : Immortal IV 1600 - 1700 Reputation : Immortal III 1700 - 1800 Reputation : Immortal II 1800 - 2000 Reputation : GrandMaster 2000 - 2200 Reputation : GrandMaster IV 2200 - 2400 Reputation : GrandMaster III 2400 - 2600 Reputation : Ace IV 2600 - 2800 Reputation : Ace III 2800 - 3000 Reputation : Ace II Medals and New Updates Coming Soon. Stay close
  3. @Bandolero- @Adem
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    Updating the Medals of Staff Members Designed by @Marshmello
  5. Accepted ! You'll receive all the necessary acceses in forum/ts3 soon . T/C
  6. Upgrades Downgrade FORUM CHANGES
  7. Hello for everybody , For those of you that doesn't still know how to check if a game review hasn't been posted or was posted , let me inform you that we have the solution ! Please , check the images below , the images shows the steps how to check if a game hasn't been reviewed . Step 1. - Step 2. - Always The Solution on the Presence I hope i was clear enough , and i hope the steps showen helps you enough . Thank You
  8. ¤ Name[/nickname]: # [email protected] ¤ Age: 18 ¤ Country: Algeria ¤ Occupation: Design / Playing Video Games / Sometimes streaming ¤ A short description about you: ¤ How did you found out Dark knight Community: Kamizole invite me for some reasons ¤ Favorite games: Fortnite / FIFA / PES / PUBG ..... ¤ Favorite server [community only]: Not yet ¤ A picture of you : Secret
  9. ¤ Name[/nickname]: Dexter ¤ Age:20 ¤ Country:Tunisia ¤ Occupation: Blacksmith ¤ A short description about you: my soul is like devil and angel fighting, sometimes Im in a very bad mode but you find me very calm ¤ How did you found out Dark knight Community: as long as @Kamizole here, this is the best virtual place for me ¤ Favorite games: Cs's-BF.... ¤ Favorite server [community only]: i actualy dont know yet ¤ A picture of you : next time
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    The quizz is about the history of music , questions about kings of music . Enjoy & Good Luck
  12. ¤ Name[/nickname]: Ibra ¤ Age:17 ¤ Country:Kosova ¤ Occupation:President Of Kosova (none-) ¤ A short description about you: Friendly / Funny / I Like to do things In the best way i can / ¤ How did you found out Dark knight Community: Bandolero Informed me for this forum ¤ Favorite games: CS GO / Cs 1.6 / Minecraft / Battlefield ¤ Favorite server [community only]: i dont really have a favourite server for cs 1.6 ¤ A picture of you :
  13. ok just wait team darkknight to creat topic for your server you will receive message in your box when finished your topic Thank you for join Darkknight
  14. @Kamizole @Laz[A]rus @M3ALEM @[O]uSs|-|ama !SpY ect... i hope you like them GFX DESIGNER: Journalist: Uploaders: Dark music: Girl: Vip: I will design some medals for gaming Coming Soon
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    All categories are included in this blacklist . Warnings : Requests : 2Weeks Galleries : Parmanently [ Rippers ] Gifts : 1 Month Model : Nickname: Rules time: Blacklist time: Category: Reason: The Blacklist time applies only after you passed the time for disrespecting the rules . Ex : Your "Request avatar" has been rejected and you are on the blacklist with 2 weeks. you must wait 1 week for another request + the 2weeks of the blacklist time = 3 weeks for another request.
  16. Hello Members ! We Have A Giveaway For You guys ! Netlflix / STEAM / Paypal 03/05/2020 22:00PM All Join and Have With us IP SERVER : Server GAME : Counter Strike 1.6 Slots : 32/32 By : @Laz[A]rus & @M3ALEM
  17. Model Of Requesting : Nickname : Age ( minimum 15+ ) : Location ( Country,City ) : How much hours can you stay active in server per day : Link with your played - hours? : Reason that you want to become Admin on Zm.CsdarkkNight : Have you checked Rules ? : More information about your request ( suggest ) : Rules To be Accepted : - You must have atleast 40hours played on the server - It is obligatory to be able to speak English Language well -Your activity on the server should be decent , as much active you're more higher chance to get Accepted . -Your age should be 15+ - While requesting you're obligated to use understandable title , concret example : Request Admin Bandolero- - If your request gets Rejected another one you can make after 1 week passes ( 7 days ) .
  18. Name of the Map (obligatory) : de_moonbasezero Author : [Pizza] Monkey Boy The optimal number of the players : 32 Type of the map : (cs,fy,zm,bb) : de Type of the game : ( CS 1.6 , CS:S , CS:GO) : cs1.6 Link for Download : https://gamebanana.com/maps/download/211056 Some Pictures :
  19. @M3ALEM @brahim22 @Da Cfhn @!aZa RoV
  20. I Can help this community with my activity i always seek progress In fact it does not, But in the future it will be of course In fact i seek to join team journalist because i don't see any projects i can be activity on it the most suitable job is journalist and this is close to a job of section KNIGHT'S CLUB because Depends on post the news. !
  21. Howdy! i see that you are fond of our forum and this indicates that you are interested in our community as well. i Notice too that you are trying hard recently to achieve your prupose, i also consider that you have some topics in certain specific categories. Well, tell me how you can help this community? Do you have suggestions you want to share with us? Have a project you want to be a part of! Give me more informations about you and what you can do in favor of this forum. Currently, this request will remain open indefinitely.
  22. Hello ! First You didn't respect the appropriate model including Moderator applications. Staff Application Template & Model My advice to you my friend is to be part of any project in our community that will higher your chance to be moderator. You can revive your daily activity by creating topics based on the rules and category of the forum. Make suggestions. Show us that you really deserve a chance to be a staff member. Then we may really give you a possibility. Note, You can submit another application after two weeks from your previous app. Request Rejected.
  23. Project name will change to Graphic Fx Thank you Guys.. Special thanks to @Kamizole
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    This trivia quiz is about different names for food and dishes from around the world.
  25. Try do more activity in our forum. i recommended you to be part of any project such @Journalists or @GFX Desinger etc, this will increase your chances for your promotion and indicate that you are more interested in our community. Currently the percentage of your activity here in the forum is very small without qualification. Try to support your efforts and daily activities Note : You can apply another application after two weeks from your previous request. Rejected !
  26. Hello @HaNooD you have joined our forum since Yesterday at 06:32 PM , as i figured you haven't checked the informations about the "Moderator" https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/topic/334-staff-application-template-model/ please check this link ! Also , you better try to get in our ts3/forum projects such journalist/gfx designer - for better start and high chances etc . i'll let you the links for journalist & gfx designer + their official categories also the applications link Journalist Official Categorie : https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/forum/137-world-of-games/ Request for Journalist : https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/forum/95-journalists/ GFX Designers Official Categorie : https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/forum/27-design/ Request for GFX - Designer : https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/forum/93-gfx-designer/ So you can find your way if you try to join in one of our projects ! For Moderator you're still new moreover check the link above i let you . You'll find all the necesary things you should know about moderator ! If you need any help please contact me Teamspeak3 : ts.csdarkknight.site Or in the Forum Private Message ( PM ) Thank you
  27. #Lunix

    Lunix Gifts

    i will start my work on designer for GIFT To @Bandolero- i hope u like it :V
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    Hello guys :V
  29. Hey there! CsDarkKnight is in need of more Community Team members. We are looking for talented members who are dedicated to helping this community with their knowledge of IPS and by completing moderation tasks such as approving posts and warning members. We set the bar very high for our staff members and thus will only choose the best of the best. Requirements: You must have a TeamSpeak account and must have already joined our TeamSpeak server. You must have no warning points. (These can be dismissed if the warnings are older than 1 months) You must be active for more than 2 hours per day. You must have advanced IPS knowledge. You must have good knowledge of the community rules and guidelines. You must be able to use your permissions with responsibility. Your activity should be in the good level You should have at least 100-150+ community posts 3 hours activity in TS3 ( Teamspeak3 ) needs to be decent Your english should be decent , and it is important otherwise you will have lower chances Having experience gaves you ( higher chances ) You must have available TS3 ( Teamspeak3 ) microphone You must be using TS3 ( Teamspeak3 ) - ( ts.csdarkknight.com ) Staff Application Template (Copy Below) (Questions 2, 3 & 4 require a minimum of two sentences. Question 6 is optional) Do you currently meet the requirements to become a member of the Community Team?: (Yes/No) Tell us about yourself: Why should we choose you to become a member of the Community Team?: What skills/talents can you bring to the Community Team?: What time zone are you in?: Is there anything else we need to know about you?: Model : Name & Nickname : What is your age : Where you come from ( country , city ) : Describe yourself to us : Tell us something about you : Where you've been active mostly : Do you have available microphone in TS3 ( Teamspeak3 ) : What would you like to take care ( forum ) : How it's possible to contact you ? : Tell us how you think you will help our forum ? : Note : Your tittle should be like this : Request Moderator [ "nickname"]
  30. Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an exhilarating, competitive game that demands time, dedication and overall skill to climb to the top. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently one of the most popular games available on the gaming platform Steam. With a community that grows bigger by the second, a small price tag of only $14.99, and a company that has been throwing out updates regularly since August of 2012, it is no wonder so many people play this game worldwide. Ever since I began playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (also known as CS: GO), I’ve seen many new features added, many new players playing and an abundance of bug fixes; this is by no means a static game. There are several different elements to this game (such as the infamous ranking system, different weapons, weapon skins, etc.) so a new player may easily find themselves with a lot on their plate. GAMEPLAY There are different rules for each and every game mode, but for every game mode there are two different teams; Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. The terrorists’ objective in most game modes is to plant the bomb at one of two bombsites (A or B), wiping out any Counter-Terrorists they can. The bomb takes 40 seconds to explode and during this time, the remaining Counter-Terrorists must attempt to defuse this bomb. It can be considerably difficult for the Counter-Terrorists to defuse, or it could be a walk in the park; it all depends on teamwork. Teamwork is an absolutely HUGE portion of this game; it is absolutely necessary to get along with your teammates and devise a plan to win effectively. In the “Competitive” game mode, the first team to win 16 rounds is victorious. To achieve this goal, you must be willing as a player to communicate verbally with your teammates, know all the different portions of the map you plan to play and how to navigate the map with ease. If you really get into this game, it is undeniable that you will experience some stress from time to time, but it is vital you know how to control that stress; if you let the game get the best of you, chances are you’re not going to be in the proper attitude to win. THE RANKING SYSTEM There are two different types of rankings in this game; one is your “Matchmaking Rank” (Master Guardian 1 in the image) and your “XP Rank” (Colonel Rank 34 in the image). Your “Matchmaking Rank” is completely based off of your skill level; you will find that your rank can and will easily fluctuate both positively and negatively all depending on your performance. You can earn a rank by playing the “Competitive” game mode and winning 10 games. You will then be placed in a skill group that is an estimation of what level the game considers you to play at. Again, this can go up or down based on your in-game performance very easily, so be sure to warmup before playing a ranked match! Your “XP Rank” is based off a plethora of variables; you may earn XP towards your rank by playing any of the game’s official game modes (including Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Casual and Competitive) and performing well in them. Every game mode gives a different amount of XP based on how well you performed, but the Competitive game mode gives out the most XP, however, if you wish to play Competitive you will need to achieve at least “Private Rank 3” in level. Once you reach “Global General Rank 40,” you’ll be able to reset your rank in exchange for a medal showing your accomplishment. SOUND I highly recommend you keep your sound on at all times whilst playing this game; not only are the sounds very high quality and nice to listen to, but hearing sounds produced by enemies is absolutely vital for success in this game. You can very easily hear the bomb being planted as well as enemy footsteps sneaking behind you given you have your sound on! As mentioned previously, teamwork is necessary for success in this game, and telling your teammates where you hear enemy footsteps is definitely a beneficial move to make. The soundtrack is also very well produced and you will hear it very often while you are playing the game. Given you have music volume on, you will hear it in the main menu, in a game and almost anywhere in-between. You can also buy different “Music Kits” from the Steam Community Market allowing you to rock a new song if the default gets old. GRAPHICS When most people think of Counter-Strike, they don’t really take the graphics into consideration to how the good the game is; this is because, quite honestly, the graphics are mediocre at best. Most modern shooters today are notorious for their stunning graphics and realistic explosions, but CS: GO lacks in this department. The user interface, on the other hand, is quite nice. It is very easy to navigate and doesn’t take too much getting used to. You will notice that, on the main menu, you are greeted with news of new additions, different tabs for different options and you can easily see your rank as well as your profile with ease. ANTI-CHEAT The anti-cheat for this game, although imperfect, is definitely a step above what you’d see in other multiplayer games. Many years ago, there was a huge cheating problem with this game as it was relatively easy to go into a competitive game and blatantly cheat without any repercussion for doing so; Valve quickly realized this was unacceptable and was causing many players to abandon the game. Now, the game has two very functional anti-cheat systems known as Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) and a community based system known as Overwatch. VAC is responsible for automatically detecting a cheat process on an individual’s computer and banning them if one happens to be detected. Naturally, the team behind VAC is responsible for testing each and every suspicious process they may find on someone’s computer. Though not much is known about VAC, it is typical for a commonly spread cheat to get banned before a cheat that only one person uses does. Since the team behind VAC can’t necessarily test out each and every suspicious process quickly, they have developed another system known as “Overwatch”. Overwatch is a system granted to trusted members of the Counter-Strike community to filter out anyone who is suspected of cheating. If a player receives enough reports in one competitive game, a demo of their gameplay will be sent to the Overwatch system. The person doing the Overwatch will then watch the demo and decide if the player is cheating. If enough unanimous votes are collected against the individual in question, they will receive a permanent ban; otherwise, nothing will happen to their account. This system has been proven to be very effective in the banning of cheaters and allows players to rest assured the players they report will be reviewed. COSMETICS A player can obtain a skin in many ways. The first method of obtaining the skin is as simple as playing the game; every week, you are eligible for a weapon skin drop which will be rewarded once you rank your “XP Rank” up. This skin’s value will vary on your amount of luck, but won’t usually be worth too much; however, Valve periodically releases an item known as an “Operation” from time to time, which will allow you to participate in different types of missions and will allow you to get better types of weapon drops (I have received a $70 item drop before!) Another method of obtaining skins is opening cases; you may come across cases just from playing as they drop randomly. Each case has a different set of items in it and can be opened for a key that costs $2.49. The amount of money a player can make from opening these cases will vary completely on luck, but I’d advise staying away from these as, for the most part, you will not make a return on investment. Steam has been providing a marketplace solution for trading in-game items, along with a game launcher. But one of the best ways to find inexpensive skins is for example a 3rd party skins trading marketplaces. Those websites (or services) allow people to cash out in-game items and earn real money, while Steam has closed environment with inability to cash-out your earnings. With 3rd party marketplaces, a user is able to trade with other people, which makes the whole trading process more interactive. SUMMARY In conclusion, CS: GO is a very well-made competitive game that has a growing, thriving community of amazing players. It will definitely take some time for a new player to climb to the top, but it’s a very rewarding journey! Players with enough skill level can even opt to play professionally and get money for playing against other players. Overall, CS: GO has a great community, great developers and offers an overall fun experience for anyone with enough time on their hands to partake in. I would more than certainly recommend this game to anyone who loves competitive gaming. Here is a video review - of the game Here is a video of gameplay of the game
  31. Read the rules to avoid warnings You are are only allowed to post 1 topic every 24 hours The topic must relate to ONLY Hardware any other stuff will be considered as off topic and will lead to a warning In your title include [Hardware] Journalist or Moderators should close the topics after 24 hours If you add a Video to your topic please add a short paragraph summary to the video
  32. @Bandolero- @Senaris Soon... @# [email protected] ONLY LEADER CAN EDIT TOPIC !
  33. The Rules: You must be active at section "World of Games" - "Game Platforms" You must read our RULES to not avoid any problem You should post minimum 1 reviews per 24h in world of games section The Review must have 3 different colours,otherwise it will be directly hidded. You need to be active in TS3/Journalist Room You should have respect for all the reviewer's members If your request get Rejected another one you can make after 1 week - ( 7 days ) Your Recruitment title must be like the example: [Journalist] Request Ntgthegamer. You cannot join the team if you are already part of 2 other project. Model: Nickname & Real Name: Age: Profile Link: How much time you can be active in Forum & TS3: Link of Reviews you have posted : How much you rate Journalist Team 1-15: Why do you want be part of the Journalist team: Any suggest you want to make for your Request: Some Topics that will help you