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  1. Make Activity. in knight club & in free time ! To be promoted to staff member such moderators. it is highly recomomended to be part of any project such journalist or uploaders etc.! Downlaod teamspeak 3 & join our server ! Necesary. Daily activity & présence in forum/teamspeak, sharing Post. Topics Depending rules each sections.
  2. New Reputation Ranks Added : 0 - 100 Reputation : Neutral 100 - 200 Reputation : Bronze IV 200 - 300 Reputation : Bronze Bronze III 300 - 400 Reputation : Bronze Bronze II 300 - 400 Reputation : Silver IV 400 - 500 Reputation : Silver III 500 - 600 Reputation : Silver II 600 - 700 Reputation : Gold IV 700 - 800 Reputation : Gold III 800 - 900 Reputation : Gold II 900 - 1000 Reputation : Platinum IV 1000 - 1100 Reputation : Platinum III 1100 - 1200 Reputation : Platinum II 1200 - 1300 Reputation : Diamon IV 1300 - 1400 Reputation : Diamon III 1400 - 1500 Reputation : Diamon II 1500 - 1600 Reputation : Immortal IV 1600 - 1700 Reputation : Immortal III 1700 - 1800 Reputation : Immortal II 1800 - 2000 Reputation : GrandMaster 2000 - 2200 Reputation : GrandMaster IV 2200 - 2400 Reputation : GrandMaster III 2400 - 2600 Reputation : Ace IV 2600 - 2800 Reputation : Ace III 2800 - 3000 Reputation : Ace II Medals and New Updates Coming Soon. Stay close
  3. ok just wait team darkknight to creat topic for your server you will receive message in your box when finished your topic Thank you for join Darkknight
  4. ¤ Name[/nickname]: Adem ¤ Age: 23 ¤ Country: - ¤ Occupation: Love playing football currently studying ¤ A short description about you: I'm a patient guy and hard working can be trusted doing anything ¤ How did you found out Dark knight Community: @Kamizole on fb ¤ Favorite games: Fifa ¤ Favorite server [community only]: - ¤ A picture of you : -
  5. @Kamizole @Laz[A]rus @M3ALEM @[O]uSs|-|ama !SpY ect... i hope you like them GFX DESIGNER: Journalist: Uploaders: Dark music: Girl: Vip: I will design some medals for gaming Coming Soon
  6. your use microphone when you speak in TeamSpeak? : Unfortunatly, I do not have teamspeak I do have discord though. Do you have anything to take care of in the forum? : how you will help this forum : I will become active everyday Helping new members as much as I can And Would love to become a jailbreak moderator Since i have been in the cs community for 5 years. Hello @zymc Thank you for the interest showen . don't you know that if you want to be a staff forum you need to work on something ( being in a project ) such "Journalists" & "Uploaders" or community posting . i recommend you to install Teamspeak3 because we use teamspeak3 so yeah . every Staff Member should be responsible for something ( taking care for something he works on ) umm , let's see then . Plus if you're interested to become admin in our servers please check this link and go apply there : https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/servers/ P.S : As i figured you haven't checked the informations about the Staff Member Access ! Check This Link Please : https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/topic/103-information-how-to-be-moderator-in-forum/ Thank You
  7. ¤ Name[/nickname]: Lavdrim a.k.a Bandolero- ¤ Age:28 ¤ Country:Macedonia ¤ Occupation:gyming ¤ A short description about you: friendly , happy , father . ¤ How did you found out Dark knight Community: by my friends @Kamizole @Gizmo @Senaris etc . ¤ Favorite games: Cs 1.6 & GO ¤ Favorite server [community only]: since im new , i havent tried the servers yet . ¤ A picture of you : -
  8. ◆ Your Name : Bandolero- ◆ What is Your toutorial : My tutorial is about how to connect your darkknight account to steam bandicam 2020-07-05 16-53-57-531.mp4
  9. ¤ Name[/nickname]: Ibra ¤ Age:17 ¤ Country:Kosova ¤ Occupation:President Of Kosova (none-) ¤ A short description about you: Friendly / Funny / I Like to do things In the best way i can / ¤ How did you found out Dark knight Community: Bandolero Informed me for this forum ¤ Favorite games: CS GO / Cs 1.6 / Minecraft / Battlefield ¤ Favorite server [community only]: i dont really have a favourite server for cs 1.6 ¤ A picture of you :
  10. ◆ Your Name : Bandolero- ◆ What is Your toutorial : My tutorial is about how can you become darkknight staff member bandicam 2020-07-06 23-48-56-549.mp4
  11. The Rules: You must be active at section "World of Games" - "Game Platforms" You must read our RULES to not avoid any problem You should post minimum 1 reviews per 24h in world of games section The Review must have 3 different colours,otherwise it will be directly hidded. You need to be active in TS3/Journalist Room You should have respect for all the reviewer's members If your request get Rejected another one you can make after 1 week - ( 7 days ) Your Recruitment title must be like the example: [Journalist] Request Ntgthegamer. You cannot join the team if you are already part of 2 other project. Model: Nickname & Real Name: Age: Profile Link: How much time you can be active in Forum & TS3: Link of Reviews you have posted : How much you rate Journalist Team 1-15: Why do you want be part of the Journalist team: Any suggest you want to make for your Request: Some Topics that will help you
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  13. I. MEMBERS RULES Any member of this community has the right to make an application. Nobody is excluded. (except the Blacklist) For a request, if you are new or old you can make one request then you will can make another one after 3 days Any request that does not follow the model given that it is rejected . The persistent person who does not follow this rule will be in the Blacklist. When you make a request, the title should look like this: Request Avatar "NAME" / Request Avatar You can not request two in one application (ex request avatar + signature) We do not work on images already edited. Publish one or more images that the designers can work on. Don't put Designers to find images for you. Choose the desired image carefully because it is not allowed to change the image once the request it's published. If you put images with better quality, the designers work better. Publish high quality high resolution images! Do not make a request for another user or friend. You are allowed to make another avatar/signature request only after 3 days & userbar/cover after 1 week of the previous request. Do not post comments like "thx for the avatar" or "When will I get the avatar?" or "Thank you, give TC." I remind you that there is a BUMP function in the upper right part of the topic. It is obligatory that you need to wear/put one of Designer's works. Designers won't work on logos. If you make a request and you change your nickname and we already edited the images, we won't change the nickname just because you did. Don't change your nickname, only after or before you make the request. 2. DESIGNERS RULES In any image, you must write the watermark " CSDARKKNIGHT / www.csdarkknight.com / Csdarkknight Community " If a member didn't put watermark on his works: you edit his post deleting his content and add at edit post: Content delelted because of the missing watermark(s). 3. Model *Type: *Dimensions: Texts: *Theme / Image(s): *Last request link: Other Informations:
  14. All categories are included in this blacklist . Warnings : Requests : 2Weeks Galleries : Parmanently [ Rippers ] Gifts : 1 Month Model : Nickname: Rules time: Blacklist time: Category: Reason: The Blacklist time applies only after you passed the time for disrespecting the rules . Ex : Your "Request avatar" has been rejected and you are on the blacklist with 2 weeks. you must wait 1 week for another request + the 2weeks of the blacklist time = 3 weeks for another request.
  15. By community posts you mean Like Forum daily postings Or like something else? I do have a youtube channel with 130 subscribers I do sometimes cs 1.6 content so does it count as a community posting? if i do a video on the jailbreak?
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    if i follow you i might be miboun like you ? xD uglyfeouglyfeo
  17. After you Purchasing a Profile Video in Dark Shop ! You Have to add the YouTube Video ID link in order to appear on your Profile, all you have to do is follow the Next Method with Caution. Finding Your YouTube Video ID Steps To Get YouTube ID for Computer When You Complete all these Procedures. Then You Have to Go Back to Your Profile and Set a link that looks like this link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/enDtus1CwXA ! Embed url examples: Above is the only Method that is Guaranteed to Succeed in the Profile. if You Have any Problems With adding a Profile Video. Please Feel Free To Contact Me.
  18. ◆ Your Name : Bandolero- ◆ What is Your toutorial : My tutorial is about how to send a support ticket for those that doesnt know how to . bandicam 2020-07-03 19-22-06-732.mp4
  19. Stopp Make Request Moderators you Need To Improve Your Activty Rejected !
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  21. Alphaa


    Welcome All To Our Counter-Strike Server : [Art-New] Zombie Plague [csdarkknight.com] Dz-Ma ======================== Rules of PLAYERS:# ======================== 1 : Any Cheats - Hacks Of all Kinds are not allowed on the server[Banned Permently] 2 : Any Publication Of other Server IP's [Chat/Name/Microphone][Banned Permently] 3 : Any Kind Of Racisme - Insulting Other Players - Swearing[Banned For 2 Hours] 4 : Spaming - Abusing on [Chat/Microphone][Gag For 10 - 60 min] ======================== Rules of V.I.P:# ======================== 1. If there is a hack user, please tell admin which is inside the server 2. It is prohibited to give the players a maximum of 100 AMMO 3. Help players in case of problems 4. - Cooperation with the ADMINS team 5. If there is a complaint against ADMINS or V.I.P please send us a photo on Facebook ======================== Rules of ADMINS:# ======================== 1. ADMINS menu is not used too much to avoid annoying the PLAYERS 2. Give Band Hacker and users cheat programs and troublemakers inside the server 3. It is prohibited to give the players a maximum of 100 AMMO 5. Help players in case of problems 6. - Cooperation with the ADMIN team 7 - Map change is prohibited only at the request of the players and is done by a vote only. 8. If there is a complaint against ADMINS or V.I.P please send us an image on inbox ............................ I ask you to respect the laws [Th3-0wN3r] Alphaa
  22. Game: cs 1.6 Name: [AN] Zombie Plague [Art-New]~Dz-Ma~ Slots number: 32 IP Address + Port: Game mod: Zombie plague GameTracker Link: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Owner contact, administrator ( Y!M, Skype, Steam ) : https://steamcommunity.com/id/alphaa98/ Hosting company's name: Flame Of Dragon Server Description ( Optional ) : wellcom to [Art-New] Zombie Plague dz-Ma Categories names:
  23. Alphaa I Hope To Be Nice member And Respect Rules Welcome To The Community csdarkknight.site
  24. Hello @Alphaa You Need To Read This Rules : Comply with the general forum rules Offer csdarkknight community exclusivity throughout affiliations and do not support another community through us Servers that will have hostname and commercials dedicated to other communities will be instantly removed/banned Repeated affiliations and de-affiliations of the same server within a short period of time will be penalized by restricting a future affiliation and banning the owner. importan: You Must to add DNS Of Forum In Name Server You Must To Advertising The Link of forum In Server You Must To ADD Fake Player (Bot Spectator) Name (csdarkknight.com)
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    Hello.. We Search For a team GFX Designer if you have a experience on this section don't hesitate you can be coming a gfx soon. you have to make request: https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/forum/93-gfx-designer/
  26. Rules: When you open the topic you must have a target, someone you must challenge The challenged member must reply if he agrees or not. If he challenged member doesn't reply within 2 days, the battle is closed. The work(s) are sent via PM to the member who crated the battle. OBLIGATORY, the images must have the watermark "CSDARKKNIGHT / www.csdarkknight.com / Csdarkknight.com " When you vote, you must have an argument with minimum 2 wordsand explain why you chose that work. (Votes like v1 text or v2 blur are canceled) Once you reply, you are not allowed to edit your post because we might see it as a "choose someone else". Your vote will be canceled. If you participate in one battle, you cannot be in another one in the same time. You must wait till the first battle closes. If you challenge someone and he/she accepts it. You can't no longer reject/close the battle, only to delay it if you don't have time. (otherwise, you will get Blacklisted) You are not allowed to vote if: you don't have an activity in this section. you don't know anything about Photoshop or other editing program, and you just want to vote for your friend. INFORMATIONS Maximum votes in a battle will be 8. We do not close the battle after time. This is a 1vs1 battle, no more than 2 people can participate. MODEL > Opponent's nickname: > Theme (must be an image): > Work Type: > Size & Texts: > How many votes?: > Work time:
  27. We'll work for it thxx for Your suug !
  28. Hello Dude.. First Of all you need to Read Our New Rules and you need to respect our model. Rejected.
  29. Posting Rules : Before posting any topic , make sure that you followed the correct model. You must post one topic per 24 hours Otherwise It will be hidden. Topic will be automatically closed within 24 hours after been approved. You are free to choose fonts, size and colors. Make sure that the artist biography is not posted before , otherwise it will be hidden .
  30. Hello again , I meant posting in knights club ( Lifestyle,sport,news etc ) Link : https://forum.csdarkknight.com/index.php?/forum/23-knights-club/
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    Tutorial How to Connect Your Steam Accounte with you Forum Profile
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    Tut.. How to Linked your Steam account with you Forum Profile
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    Hello , you dont know how to connect your darkknight account with steam ? No worries , in darkknight always exists an choice Please check this link to learn how to connect your darkknight account with steam : Thank You
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  35. Welcome ma bruh and have fun with us !
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    Welcome to [Dark-Knight]~Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.