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  3. This should work on ANY Mod. Let me know if you have problems. Conversion to FAKEMETA will be coming eventually. Press your +USE Button (defaulted to "e") to use the parachute. Parachute Version: 1.3 Author: KRoTaL/JTP10181 0.1 Release 0.1.1 Players can't buy a parachute if they already own one 0.1.2 Release for AMX MOD X 0.1.3 Minor changes 0.1.4 Players lose their parachute if they die 0.1.5 Added amx_parachute cvar 0.1.6 Changed set_origin to movetype_follow (you won't see your own parachute) 0.1.7 Added amx_parachute <name> | admins with admin level a get a free parachute 0.1.8 JTP - Cleaned up code, fixed runtime error 1.0 JTP - Should be final version, made it work on basically any mod 1.1 JTP - Added Changes from AMX Version 0.1.8 Added say give_parachute and parachute_fallspeed cvar Plays the release animation when you touch the ground Added chat responder for automatic help 1.2 JTP - Added cvar to disable the detach animation Redid animation code to improve organization Force "walk" animation on players when falling Change users gravity when falling to avoid choppiness 1.3 JTP - Upgraded to pCVARs Commands: say buy_parachute - buys a parachute (CStrike ONLY) saw sell_parachute - sells your parachute (75% of the purchase price) say give_parachute <nick, #userid or @team> - gives your parachute to the player amx_parachute <nick, #userid or @team> - gives a player a free parachute (CStrike ONLY) amx_parachute @all - gives everyone a free parachute (CStrike ONLY) Cvars: sv_parachute "1" - 0: disables the plugin - 1: enables the plugin parachute_cost "1000" - cost of the parachute (CStrike ONLY) parachute_payback "75" - how many percent of the parachute cost you get when you sell your parachute (ie. (75/100) * 1000 = 750$) parachute_fallspeed "100" - speed of the fall when you use the parachute Image : Download (Link)
  4. Description: This is a feature rich map voting plugin. It's intended to be used in place of any other map choosing plugin such as Deagles' Map Manager and AMXX's very own mapchooser. Here is an incomplete list of optional features this plugin can provide: Ability to "rock the vote". Map nominations to be used in the next map vote. Runoff voting when no map gets more than 50% of the total vote. Weighted map votes for players with customizable admin flags. Unique map cycle when the server is empty. I highly recommend you review the well-commented galileo.cfg to see all the options you have with this plugin. It's located in the attached ZIP and in the "Options (CVARS)" section of this thread. CVARS DOWLORAD LINK
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