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  1. *Type: Official ZaKi *Dimensions: 800x900 Texts: Stranger But Danger *Theme / Image(s): Sky And Moon Black Or Blue *Last request link: Other Informations: Make Best Gif Like Fire Or Stars

    ‏﴿ بِسْمِ اللَّه الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيم ۝ الحَمدُ لله ربِّ العالمين ۝ الرحمٰن الرحيم ۝ مالكِ يوم الدِّين ۝ إيَّاك نعبدُ و إيَّاك نستعين ۝ اهدنا الصِّراط المستقيم ۝ ﴾.صِراط الَّذين أنعَمتَ عليهِم غير المغضوبِ عليهم ولا الضَّآلِّين 

  3. Mr.Younes You Shold Read Rules Very Very Good Because Last Day I See You Break Rules ( FreeKill Without Reason ) +Rep I Hope To Be Nice Admin In Server (Good Luck)
  4. Yeah They Are Many Sites Make Songs but this is not Songs is Like Board of Youtube and you add Url Of Video
  5. CSDARKKNIGHT.SITE OFFICIAL Make in Official page (index) Litle Page Youtube Url For Make Music Example : http://prntscr.com/team5d And Make Shoutbox Like This In Forum Example : http://prntscr.com/teankg
  6. Mr.Oussama You Have Warning From Me Because You Spaming In Server Jail Break : Shareing Your Link Of Topic I Told You Stop But You Didint Understand And About Your Mod Is Good Mod +Rep
  7. *Type: Stranger But Danger *Dimensions: HD 4K Texts: I Want it Like This : Stranger But Danger *Theme / Image(s): Photo Hacker i Want *Last request link: Other Informations: Make Best Gif In My Avatar
  8. Alphaa I Hope To Be Nice member And Respect Rules Welcome To The Community csdarkknight.site
  9. Zombie-Escape Rules Humans -Any Cheats - Hacks Of all Kinds are not allowed on the server [ Ban Permently ]- -Any Publication Of other Server IP's [Chat/Name/Microphone] [ Ban Permently ]- -Any Kind Of Racisme - Insulting Other Players - Swearing [ Gag 5min : Insult Again ban 10min ]- -Spaming With [Chat/Mic] [ Gag 4min ]- -Any Humans Stuck Helicopter [ 2 Slay For Warning : Next Time Ban 20min ]- -Break The Floor Or Close Dore For Your Friends [ Slay : Next Time Ban 120min ]- Note For All Humans : If You See Any One Break This Rules Without Insulting Report It only Rules Zombies -If You Make Team With Humans Ex : (You Say : No Kill) [ Slay ]- -Boost Your Self For Infect The Bomb [ Kick ]- -Away From Keyboard [ Slay : Next time Kick ]- -Useing Cheat Like : SpeedHack/SgS [ Ban Permently ] Soon More..... Rules VIP/ADMIN -Useing 3 Jumps For Infect Bomb [ Ban 15min ]- -ADMIN Ban ADMIN [ Warning 1 : Warning 2 Removed ]- -ADMIN Use Commands Without Reason [ Ban 260min ]- -ADMIN Insult/Spam Chat @Tsay [ Ban 120min ]- -ADMIN Cheating [ Ban Permently & Black List ]- Soon More..... Enjoy Server
  10. Note : You Must Follow this Model Or your Request Will be Rejected Direct ! ¤ Your name: ¤ Player/Hacker name: ¤ Date and time: ¤ Reason of complaint: ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): P.S : You Must know the Rules Before Reporting Admin P.S : Every Report Needs a Clear Proof or Will Be Rejected
  11. Zombie-Escape How To Get Free VIP/ADMIN | And What They Have : VIP -For Get VIP You Need To Be Active In The Server- -And Be Nice Member Without Break Rules- -If VIPS Not Active In The Server They Will Got Removed- VIP They Have : Knife VIP & Model VIP & 3 Jumps ADMIN -For Get ADMIN You Need To Be Active In The Server And Go Topic And Request in it- -And Be Nice Member Invite Your Friends And No Break Rules- -ADMIN Break Rules Will Got Suspend- ADMIN They Have : Knife VIP & Model VIP & 3 Jumps & Acces Of Slap/Slay/Kick/Tsay Enjoy Server
  12. Dark-Knight Community Hello All -The Server Was Opened Without Bugs- -Will Make Some News In Server Like GHOST/BOSS/SURVIVAL i Hope To Like It- -Per Month Will Add Some News Like Weapons Or Skins Or Zombies Or Maps- -For Get FreeVIP : Active In The Server And You Will Got it Automaticly- Staff Server : @M3ALEM @Da Cfhn @MeRKuL^ Moderator : @~{`Stranger But Danger`}~ You Have Fun
  13. Mr.BouraKa Give Me Your Steamid and Nickname In Prv Accepted Closed
  14. Mr.Akrem What Chance ?? Mr.Abdou (Da Cfhn) They Say To Me Your Acces Already Moderator But I Need Only Request And I Make Request for proff For All My Friends I Make Request Without Free (And Thnx All)
  15. Dark-Knight Community ~{`Stranger But Danger`}~ +REP