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  1. Image copyrightEPA Image captionIntensive care units at many Florida hospitals are reaching capacityFlorida has registered a state record of 15,299 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours - around a quarter of all of the United States' daily infections. The state, with just 7% of the US population, surpassed the previous daily record held by California. Florida, which began lifting coronavirus restrictions in May, has proved vulnerable due to tourism and an elderly population. Its figures eclipse the worst daily rates seen in New York in April. Florida also registered an additional 45 deaths. The state would rank fourth in the world for new cases if it were a country, according to a Reuters analysis. More than 40 hospitals in Florida say their intensive care facilities are at full capacity. Living in Florida and Texas as virus cases surge How close to developing a vaccine are we? The latest figures were released a day after Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida reopened, but with safety measures including mask-wearing and widespread use of sanitiser. The caseload in Florida continued to rise despite Republican Governor Ron DeSantis ordering some bars to close again last month. The top adviser on the White House coronavirus taskforce, Dr Anthony Fauci, had criticised lockdown easing in the state, saying the data on infections did not support the move. Mr DeSantis has also declined to make mask-wearing obligatory. On Saturday, President Donald Trump appeared wearing a mask in the public for the first time after previously casting doubt on their usefulness. He was visiting the Walter Reed military hospital outside Washington, where he met wounded soldiers and health care workers. "I've never been against masks but I do believe they have a time and a place," he said as he left the White House. The United States overall has been exceeding new daily totals of 60,000 cases for the past few days. Other states including Arizona, California and Texas continue to see a rising cases.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 82 seconds  
  3. Hey JB team Kayen plugins wessmo /piss ( tbol fe 2ard) an old plugin which you could piss in the floor just by taping /piss it would be very funny to add it ^^
  4. *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 150x250 Texts: 3AMO Bouraka *Theme / Image(s): *Last request link: First Req Other Informations:
  5. jb_xmf jb_bananamufl jb_facebook best maps !!
  6. ¤ Your Nickname (same as in forum): 3AMO Bouraka AND THIS IS MY NAME I PLAY IN JB IN GAMETRACKER : https://www.gametracker.com/player/3AMO Bouraka/ ¤ Your facebook: Rayan Dahmani ¤ Age: 24 ans ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: english arabic frensh kabyle espanol ¤ Your Location: bejaia algerie ¤ Experience As Admin (last server GT link): actualy jailbreak admin ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (15:00AM To 00:00) YES ¤ Screenshot Link Of Hours You Played On Server (Click) You Must Write Your Nickname) : https://postimg.cc/tY0P8MN4 ¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: i just want more acces if you can accord me it . ¤ Do You know All The Rules ? : Yes all the rules ALL MY NAME I USED TO PLAY IN JB : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  7. +REP Very good player full of respect and also a good simon
  8. Fly Away Litel Bird , Angels Will Take Your Soul Higher And Higher !!

  9. +Rep You're a good player and active at zombie server i hope your request will be accepter good luck ! #3AMO Bouraka
  10. 3asas a khoya , bessah makanch lkhedma ya kho wech hbito khkhkhkh AND FOR ME what is your favorite map? : jb_xmf ( not uploded as a map yet) What do you most often buy from shop ?: c4 lala and harpone The most interesting player in the server? : ThA3alib Team Best player in Guards? Best player in Prisoners? : in guard i would say Lazarus , t0xic then m3alem and bel3wer for prisoners i say AMAR PRO KILLER BREZX ZAKI S-B-D The best player Simon? :toxic-lazarus What is your favorite costume ?: Malak ( ANGEL) Which day you like to play (war gang, Harpoon, Slayer, HS)? GANG WAR AND HEADSHOOT #3AMO Bouraka
  11. I would agree with Kamizole which his opinion stay his own opinion but i prefer playing csgo then 1.6 because this first is better much better
  12. قال أولي غونار سولشار مدرب مانشستر يونايتد المنافس في الدوري الإنكليزي الممتاز لكرة القدم إن فريقه يجب أن يكون واقعيا في سوق الانتقالات بسبب التأثير المالي لجائحة فيروس كورونا. سولشار وارتبط اسم يونايتد بجيدون سانشو لاعب بوروسيا دورتموند وجاك غريليش لاعب أستون فيلا لكن سولشار أوضح أن الجائحة غيرت نظرة النادي إلى أسعار اللاعبين. وأبلغ سولشار الصحفيين قبل مواجهة أستون فيلا المتعثر في وقت لاحق من اليوم الخميس "يجب أن يكون الأمر واقعيا. أعتقد أن العالم كله تغير على الجانب المالي والنظرة إلى أسعار اللاعبين. لا أفكر على المدى القصير، أفكر دائما على المدى البعيد وأحاول إبرام صفقات جيدة". وأضاف "سأكون حريصا فيما يتعلق بالمال ومالي الشخصي أيضا". وأوضح سولشار أن يونايتد يأمل في بقاء الفرنسي الدولي بول بوغبا الذي تألق منذ عودته من إصابة في الكاحل. وينتهي عقد بوغبا بنهاية الموسم المقبل لكن يونايتد يملك حق تمديد التعاقد لعام آخر. وقال سولشار "أريد بقاء أفضل اللاعبين. أرى أن بوغبا يتحسن شيئاً فشيئاً منذ عودته من الإصابة". وتابع "إنه يستمتع بما يقدمه ودعونا نرى أين سيأخذنا ذلك".
  13. US Supreme Court to rule on revealing Trump tax returns ( IS ON LIVE NOW !!) 9 July 2020 Share this with Messenger Share this with Twitter Share this with Emai The US Supreme Court is set to decide whether President Donald Trump's tax returns and other financial records can be examined by Congress and prosecutors - a ruling with potentially huge political consequences. Mr Trump refuses to share documents concerning his fortune and business. His lawyers argue he enjoys total immunity while in office. The ruling will test that claim and has implications on how far US lawmakers can scrutinise the president. Even a ruling in Congress's favour would not necessarily make Mr Trump's tax returns public before his bid for re-election in November. Mr Trump, who made his money as a property developer, is the first president since Richard Nixon in the 1970s not to have made his tax returns public. He calls the investigation into his tax affairs a "witch hunt" and sees the congressional case as a device to harass him politically. Why has this gone to the Supreme Court? Two Democrat-controlled House of Representatives committees and New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance - also a Democrat - are demanding the release of his tax returns and other information. The subpoenas - orders to hand over evidence - were issued last year to Mazars USA, who are Mr Trump's accountants, and to major Trump lenders Deutsche Bank and Capital One. Lower courts in Washington and New York ruled against the president in all cases, but those decisions have been put on hold pending a final court ruling. Trump loses court case to keep tax returns secret Five claims in Trump niece's tell-all book Trump tax returns 'will never be released' Trump's parents and siblings: What do we know of them? Deutsche Bank was one of the few banks willing to lend to Mr Trump after a series of corporate bankruptcies in the 1990s, and the documents sought include records related to the president, the Trump Organization and his family. The banks and the accounting firm said they would release the information if ordered. Mr Trump's lawyers argued that Congress had no authority to issue the subpoenas, and no valid justification to seek the records. Image caption The judges are hearing the cases remotely because of the coronavirus Why is it sensitive politically? Damaging revelations about President Trump's financial affairs could hurt his campaign for re-election. He has already slumped in opinion polls, as critics accuse him of mishandling the coronavirus crisis. The New York investigation covers alleged hush money payments made by Mr Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen to two women - adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal - who both say they had affairs with Mr Trump. Such payments could violate campaign financing laws. The president denies the affairs took place. Concerns have already been raised about possible conflicts of interest in Mr Trump's businesses. At hearings in May there was fierce debate among the Supreme Court judges over the degree to which Congress should scrutinise the president's personal records. In the New York case, they were sceptical about a Trump lawyer's argument that a president cannot be investigated while in office. This is despite the court having a 5-4 conservative majority and including two Trump appointees - Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. In two earlier cases over presidential power, in 1974 the Supreme Court acted unanimously in requiring President Nixon to surrender White House tapes in the Watergate scandal, and in 1997 it allowed a sexual harassment lawsuit to go ahead against President Bill Clinton. Judges appointed by Mr Nixon and Mr Clinton voted against them in the cases.
  14. Akrem im changing my name often so i dont have time in gametracker but look here https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ all the username i used to play