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  1. please no warn me , me just need song in profile me will respect rules , me apologize ❤️ :( 😢

  2. Welcome to the best recent forum have found, We hope that you will contribute with us by your loyalty to this community.
  3. Hello, Thank you for this great suggestion! For your information, we watch every member registering an account here in the forum. We also monitor the IP that registered an account in the forum for the first time. You don't need to worry about multiple accounts. in the future i will add a plugin. one for each IP account and prevent you from creating another account. Everything will be available in the future
  4. Request Rejected! The function of this priority rank is to be constantly and continuously connected to the TeamSpeak Server. it also requires a truly loyal and original member of this forum only. Most conditions do not exist on you, You can make another request if you are truly & loyal to this forum as there is no way you can arrange without joining TeamSpeak. When you meet the conditions that are due, i will review you the next step that needs to be taken.
  5. Hello, Stop spam for admin in other profile. otherwise you will be warn. want admin make request here !