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  1. Try do more activity in our forum. i recommended you to be part of any project such @Journalists or @GFX Desinger etc, this will increase your chances for your promotion and indicate that you are more interested in our community. Currently the percentage of your activity here in the forum is very small without qualification. Try to support your efforts and daily activities Note : You can apply another application after two weeks from your previous request. Rejected !
    Yea it was little hard questions. Next time i'll be ready
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 107 seconds  
  3. Hey there! CsDarkKnight is in need of more Community Team members. We are looking for talented members who are dedicated to helping this community with their knowledge of IPS and by completing moderation tasks such as approving posts and warning members. We set the bar very high for our staff members and thus will only choose the best of the best. Requirements: You must have a TeamSpeak account and must have already joined our TeamSpeak server. You must have no warning points. (These can be dismissed if the warnings are older than 1 months) You must be active for more than 2 hours per day. You must have advanced IPS knowledge. You must have good knowledge of the community rules and guidelines. You must be able to use your permissions with responsibility. Your activity should be in the good level You should have at least 100-150+ community posts 3 hours activity in TS3 ( Teamspeak3 ) needs to be decent Your english should be decent , and it is important otherwise you will have lower chances Having experience gaves you ( higher chances ) You must have available TS3 ( Teamspeak3 ) microphone You must be using TS3 ( Teamspeak3 ) - ( ts.csdarkknight.com ) Staff Application Template (Copy Below) (Questions 2, 3 & 4 require a minimum of two sentences. Question 6 is optional) Do you currently meet the requirements to become a member of the Community Team?: (Yes/No) Tell us about yourself: Why should we choose you to become a member of the Community Team?: What skills/talents can you bring to the Community Team?: What time zone are you in?: Is there anything else we need to know about you?: Model : Name & Nickname : What is your age : Where you come from ( country , city ) : Describe yourself to us : Tell us something about you : Where you've been active mostly : Do you have available microphone in TS3 ( Teamspeak3 ) : What would you like to take care ( forum ) : How it's possible to contact you ? : Tell us how you think you will help our forum ? : Note : Your tittle should be like this : Request Moderator [ "nickname"]
  4. *Type: Cover *Dimensions: 1839 x 309 Texts: Kami CsDarkKnight *Theme / Image(s): @Marshmello *Last request link: First One. Other Informations: Thank You
  5. a. Important [sanction: Permanent Ban] 1) Do not treat an 'Administrative Member' with contempt. If you are challenged, please have proof to prove this. Examples: [Audio / Video or control] 2) Insults of any kind are not sanctioned in a private conversation. It is possible to ignore the user in question using the TS3 'Add To Block' function [Right click on the user name, add to block] 3) Advertising, of any type [Nickname / Private / Channel] is strictly forbidden. Exceptions: Servers / Streams / Community affiliated projects. 4) Proxies of any kind are prohibited. Exceptions: You cannot connect. 5) The regulation is valid for everyone. By default, it also applies to 'Administrative Members'. 6) No more than 2-3 identities per IP will be accepted [Exception: You are in an internet room or you live in a house with several] B. General [sanction: Kick / 1-30 minutes] 1) Obscene / offensive or racist nicknames will not be accepted. 2) Pornographic avatars will not be accepted. 3) Offensive / offensive descriptions will not be accepted. 4) The broadcasting of music or certain audio recordings will not be accepted. Exception to the rule when the majority of members present on the channel agree. C. Channel [sanction: Warning / Deletion] 1) The password of a 'PUBLIC' channel is not accepted. 2) In the case of servers, you can use the 'STAFF ONLY' sub-channel for private discussions. 3) Indecent / vulgar language is not accepted in the name / description or topic of the channel. 4) It is not accepted in the description of the channel the posting of certain links that have the nature of finding out the IP of the person who clicks on the respective channel. 5) If the channel has the status of 'SPECIAL', the password of the channel is mandatory. If the password is specified in the channel description, it automatically becomes 'public'. Note: The term 'Private' applies to password channels or conversations in a private window. D. Access / Grade [information section] 1) The existing degree on TS.CSDARKKNIGHT.COM must appear with the existing degree on https://forum.csdarkknight.com 2) Just as on FORUM you can't have 2 main degrees simultaneously, you can't do that on TS.CSDARKKNIGHT.COM either. Exception: Degree made especially for TS.CSDARKKNIGHT.COM or Administrative Member or V.I.P which is assigned a second degree which represents its main responsibility. 3) In case of 'V.I.P' type access, the repeated abuse is sanctioned with removing or eliminating the respective benefit. > [Channel] 'SPECIAL' status refers to channels specially created in the form of a benefit based on a certain degree. Example: V.I.P Channel > [Channel] 'PUBLIC' status refers to channels specially created to have a flow of users. Example: SERVER.CSDARKKNIGHT.COM / Dark Music etc. > [Channel] 'PRIVATE' status refers to channels specially created to benefit 1 or more users. Example: Permanent Channel / STAFF ONLY etc. > [Chat] Private> It is discussed in a private conversation, practically only 2 people can see the conversation. > [Chat] Public> Discussed on a public, voice or written channel. E. Grade List [Server] 1) The degrees ' @Administrators @Global Moderators @Moderators @GFX Desinger @Journalists @Dark Music @Girls @VIP @Manager Cs 1.6 ' are assigned to those who have the same degree at forum level. 2) The degree of ' @Manager Cs 1.6 ' is assigned to the persons who hold at the forum level 'Founder Server or Manager Server'. 3) The degrees '@GFX Desinger @Journalists @Dark Music' are assigned to persons who have an activity in the categories related to the degree. 4) The degree 'Activated' is assigned on request, it gives you the right to write in private or you have set a description / personalized avatar. [is assigned only to those who have no degree.] 5) The degree ' @Girls' is assigned only to 'female' persons who present a vocal proof. [can be allocated as an additional grade] 6) Only one degree is allowed, namely the main one that exists on the forum (EX: If you have "@Manager Cs 1.6 " on the forum, you will also receive it on teamspeak) + a secondary degree if you are involved in that category (EX : Level, Dota, W.O.T, etc.) excluding "Activated" or "Girl". F. Grade List [Channel] 1) The degree of 'Founder on this Channel' can be assigned / revoked by anyone holding the same degree. But the Administrative part will grant only 1 for the beginning. Accesses: All below + ban up to 10 minutes. 2) Attention! The founder has the greatest access and for us, each founder will be treated as a channel owner. 3) The "Admin / Member" Channel Groups are assigned by the 'Founder on this Channel'. Hits: Kick / Prohibition or Censorship. J. Complaints 1) Complaints on the basis will not be accepted without proof or witness. 2) Complaints will not be accepted on the basis. Use the 'Add to Block' function. 3) Complaints based on [Item 3] will not be accepted unless you have NOT been warned before the channel is deleted. 4) Complaints will not be accepted based on "Founder X kicked / banned me from the Z channel". Each Founder / Admin has the right to select users on his channel. 5) Only the Complainant / Reports / DarkKnight Administration are responsible in a complaint. 6) Complaints will be resolved / closed only by those who benefit from the 'TS3 Administrator' degree. Note: For other reasons, complaints are made in this category. Based on the following model: H. General Sanctions 1) Abuse by an 'Administrative Member' proven by a complaint: SUSPEND 3 DAYS 2) Abuse by a 'V.IP' member proven by a verbal / written complaint: 3) Warning 4) Revocation of V.IP degree or Revocation of problematic benefit. 5) The abuse of 'moved' by the 'Founder / Admin' and the subsequent banning is sanctioned with: Remove channel founder or Ban 30 minutes. 6) The abuse of poke is sanctioned with the interdiction to have the afferent degrees. I. Unban 1) Unban applications are made in this category, based on the model: [Add to Block]
  6. New Reputation Ranks Added : 0 - 100 Reputation : Neutral 100 - 200 Reputation : Bronze IV 200 - 300 Reputation : Bronze Bronze III 300 - 400 Reputation : Bronze Bronze II 300 - 400 Reputation : Silver IV 400 - 500 Reputation : Silver III 500 - 600 Reputation : Silver II 600 - 700 Reputation : Gold IV 700 - 800 Reputation : Gold III 800 - 900 Reputation : Gold II 900 - 1000 Reputation : Platinum IV 1000 - 1100 Reputation : Platinum III 1100 - 1200 Reputation : Platinum II 1200 - 1300 Reputation : Diamon IV 1300 - 1400 Reputation : Diamon III 1400 - 1500 Reputation : Diamon II 1500 - 1600 Reputation : Immortal IV 1600 - 1700 Reputation : Immortal III 1700 - 1800 Reputation : Immortal II 1800 - 2000 Reputation : GrandMaster 2000 - 2200 Reputation : GrandMaster IV 2200 - 2400 Reputation : GrandMaster III 2400 - 2600 Reputation : Ace IV 2600 - 2800 Reputation : Ace III 2800 - 3000 Reputation : Ace II Medals and New Updates Coming Soon. Stay close
  7. xD in fact, i prefer the old school and the best Counter Strike 1.6