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  5. Dugarry, a former French player for Barcelona, currently a radio commentator in his country, treated Lionel Messi as "half autistic" and recommended his compatriot Antoine Griezmann to "screw" him. "What is he (Griezmann) afraid of, a boy who is 1.50 and who is half autistic? The only thing he has to do is throw 'balls' (sic) at some point," said the former French international in his program on the radio "RMC Sport". Dugarry, known for his controversial opinions in France, assured that Griezmann must "hit him in the face" because "he has been saying for a year that he has a problem with Messi." The former player acknowledges that his compatriot, who arrived at Barcelona earlier in the season, "has lost confidence and his performances are not good." "It is true that Messi could give him more passes, but honestly it does not surprise me. Griezmann loses balls, plays with his leg curled up. Griezmann should go talk to Messi to solve the problem," he said. Dugarry also criticizes the coach, Quique Setién, of whom he says he has not managed to impose himself in the locker room. "He is a totally skating coach. Setien is good people, but he doesn't have the level. He didn't know who to change to. He changed Sergio Busquets in '85 to get Ansu Fati and pitched Griezmann in '90. It wasn't something against Griezmann It is that he does not know how to make his team play. He is overcome. I am convinced that he has nothing against Griezmann, the only thing is that he is overcome, "he assured. It is not the first time that Dugarry takes it with Messi, whom he has often considered a bad partner on his radio show. The former soccer player, who played 11 games for Barcelona in 1998 before leaving Olympique de Marseille in the winter market, has always considered Cristiano Ronaldo superior to Argentina.
  6. In London, it didn't sit well with Hong Kong's new National Security Law taking effect on Wednesday at 11pm, just an hour before the 23rd anniversary of the former British colony's return to Chinese rule. Boris Johnson had previously warned that the legislation was "a clear breach of China's obligations when they signed the treaty in 1997." Yesterday, in the British Parliament, while in Hong Kong thousands of citizens took to the streets in protest of the new law, Johnson reiterated his intention to open the doors of British citizenship to three million Hong Kong people. Today it was his turn to respond to Beijing. In the Asian giant they have made it clear that they will retaliate against the United Kingdom in the event that they grant residence or citizenship to Hong Kong residents who flee from the harsh law that endangers the autonomy they have enjoyed in all these years . "China reserves the right to take further action. The British side will bear all the consequences," Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said at a press conference. From Beijing they point out that the United Kingdom does not have the right to grant residence to Hong Kong people. The Chinese Embassy in London also insisted in a statement that "if the British side makes unilateral changes in the relevant practice, it will violate its own position and its commitments, as well as international law and the basic rules that govern international relations" . For the Chinese ambassador, Liu Xiaoming, it was clear that "all Chinese compatriots residing in Hong Kong are Chinese citizens, whether or not they possess the citizen passport of the British dependent territories or the British foreign national passport (350,000 Hong Kong citizens have it)" . Hong Kong's transfer of sovereignty was agreed in 1984 by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. So there were many doubts about whether China was going to be able to respect the city's degree of autonomy - its own legal system, political parties and rights that include freedom of expression and assembly - as well as the principle known as' one country, two systems' over the agreed five decades. London now plans to amend the clauses of the British Overseas Passport (BMO) to make it easier for holders to install in the United Kingdom. In principle, 2.9 million Hong Kong people, all born before 1997, would be entitled to that document.
  7. The US is buying nearly all the next three months' projected production of Covid-19 treatment remdesivir from US manufacturer Gilead. The US health department announced on Tuesday it had agreed to buy 500,000 doses for use in American hospitals. Tests suggest remdesivir cuts recovery times, though it is not yet clear if it improves survival rates. Gilead did sign a licensing deal in May for production outside the US but it is still in its early stages. "President Trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure Americans have access to the first authorised therapeutic for Covid-19," Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement. A course of treatment in the US will cost $2,340 (£1,900). Nine companies can make the drug under licence outside the US for distribution in 127 mostly poorer countries, and the cost is lower. But the project is still in its early stages. Additional quantities are being manufactured for use in clinical trials. But critics say the US move to buy up so much stock from Gilead itself undermines international co-operation on Covid, given that other countries have taken part in trials of remdesivir, originally an anti-viral against Ebola. "The trial that gave the result that allowed remdesivir to sell their drug wasn't just done in the US. There were patients participating through other European countries, in the UK as well, and internationally, Mexico and other places," Oxford University's Prof Peter Horby told BBC Radio 4. He said the move also had implications for any possible future vaccine, with the need for "a much stronger framework if we are going to develop these things and they're going to be used for national emergencies". Senior Sussex University lecturer, Ohid Yaqub, said: "It so clearly signals an unwillingness to co-operate with other countries and the chilling effect this has on international agreements about intellectual property rights." Some in the US have criticised the purchase price, as taxpayer money had helped fund remdesivir's development.
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